survey.jpegThe board of POP LUCK CLUB is surveying our membership to better serve its needs. This survey will be available until April 30, 2015.
Our membership includes PROSPECTS, PARENTS, ALUMS, and ALLIES. Please spend a few minutes and complete this survey so we can better understand the balance within our Pop Luck Club community. You may skip any questions you would rather not answer.
Our survey is divided into two parts:
     MEMBERSHIP - confidential
     DEMOGRAPHICS - anonymous
Responses in the first part are confidential and will be stored in your membership record. Responses in the second part are anonymous and will not be linked to your name or membership. They do allow us to better profile our group and attract sponsors to help our group thrive.
In the first part, you can opt-in to CONNECT and we will share schools, neighborhood, and children's ages with PLC members who match (not address, birth dates, or other data). This is designed to facilitate baby play groups, school affinity groups, and social and recreational connections beyond the regular Pop Luck Club activities.
Since our founding in 1998, we have served over 400 families and celebrated the births, foster placements, and adoptions of nearly 600 children. Our hope is that, even if your involvement was many years ago, you will share your responses with us so we can take stock of our collective success over nearly two decades. If you wish to support our ongoing outreach to prospective and parenting gay dads, we hope you will consider making a donation or renewing your membership at
If you have any questions or further input, please email

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