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Gay_Dads_COVER.pngOwn your copy of Gay Dads: Our Paths to Fatherhood.

We are celebrating Pop Luck Club's 20th Anniversary by publishing a book with profiles of families who have traveled the path to fatherhood over the past two decades. Each month, we gather to share our stories in person with each other, supporting fellow dads as they build their families. This book is a compilation of many of our stories--similar to what a new member would hear at our meetings.

This gorgeous 40-page coffee table book is a tribute to the dads who have created our Pop Luck Community by inspiring so many to follow their dreams to parent.

It's a great gift for:

  • Your kids, to see the diversity of families all around us
  • Prospective parents in the process of building their families
  • Grandparents, aunties & uncles
  • Your local library

$20 plus $5 shipping (or pick-up at our monthly meeting to save shipping cost)

CLICK HERE to claim your copy before they sell out!





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