POP Hacks! "Daddy's got this..."

We all experience it--people looking left and right, high and low for Mommy. When people see us out in the world with our kids, many assume that we have no clue what to do... that we're just waiting for Mommy to show up.

In fact, we manage fine without Mommy. Like all parents, we have mastered the basics and we have even developed some pretty awesome "hacks" to get the job done with finesse.

Welcome to Pop Luck Club's new media project - POP Hacks! "Daddy's got this..."

These 60-second clips are "tips & tricks" we have learned along the way and we now pass them on to future dads, so they can be confident and get the job done with style.

Hatch.jpgTopics range from home time with your newborn:

  • Calming Baby
  • Bathtime
  • Swaddling Like a Pro
  • The Night Shift
  • The Perfect Burp
  • Eye Contact, Smiles & Cooing

To "On-the-go" baby tips:

  • Wearable Babies
  • Snack Hacks
  • Stroller Technique
  • Driving Miss Baby
  • Costco with Multiples
  • "Are you the Manny?"

We cover social and academic development:

  • My Kid's Bookshelf
  • The Right Daycare
  • PTA Dad!
  • Prep School for Mother's Day
  • Drawing the Family Tree

Being a daddy brings years of challenge and adventure. These POP Hacks are targeted to give you a head start on many of your future victories.

Take a minute to record your best advice! Whether you use a tripod, selfie-stick, or a friend, make sure you are well lit, stand relatively still, and that we can hear your words. No need to edit, but keep it between 55-65 seconds. Send videos to [email protected]



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